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A Java Frontend for Audio/Video Conversion using MEncoder

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To run LinCoder, after downloading and extracting the files to any directory, either right click LinCoder.jar and choose to open it with Java 6 Runtime or type "java -jar LinCoder.jar" on a console (In the same dir where the file is).

To use SSA formating you need to download the patched MEncoder and choose to use it (via the Find MEncoder button) from LinCoder's Encode tab.

Comments and feature requests are always welcome.

One day this project will have a decent website.

Contact us via the LinCoder Bug Tracker.

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About LinCoder:

LinCoder is a Java frontend for MEncoder. It's a simple GUI, yet it allows advanced users to customize the command line and save templates so they can use a GUI to batch encode their files. It allows hardcoding of srt subtitles and the use of SSA formating (with a patched MEncoder). It provides WinAVI-like features. Now with support for PSP (Play Station Portable) encoding.

LinCoder currently works on UNIX systems (Linux, Mac, and others that support UNIX Shell commands) and Windows XP. If you use a different OS, you are welcome to try LinCoder and send us your feedback.

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  • Guillermo Steren
    (project creator)
  • Gabriela Steren

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Source code for this project is available at the project summary page.

LinCoder 0.70

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